Icca results

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Icca results

Amanda Newman became owner of Varsity Vocals in and has since produced the events. The — competition season was a focus of the book Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glorywhich followed three groups vying to win the Championship. Generally, the top two college groups at each quarterfinal advance to the semifinals in their respective regions.

Each group prepares a short 12 minute performance usually three songs that best show the group's strengths. Primary focus is on a group's musical performance, but presentation is important so it's not unusual to see choreography involved as well.

Groups generally range in size from A panel of three to five trained judges evaluates the group's performance. According to official Varsity Vocals documents, the aspects of vocal performance that are integral to a high-scoring ICCA performance include balance and blend, quality and inventiveness of arrangement, rhythmic accuracy, interpretation of song, intonation, solo interpretation, tone quality, dynamic precision, and diction.

The first six of these concepts are graded on a scale, while the last three are graded on a scale. These numbers are added up, then added to the number for the next section, Visual Performance.

The total possible score for this section is Visual performance is, while not as highly weighted as vocal performance, still an integral aspect of any ICCA performance. The first three categories are graded on a scale, while the last four are graded on a scale. The purpose of visual presentation is to present, not unlike a show choir, the emotiveness of a performance through body movement. While oftentimes a group may value Vocal Performance over Visual Performance, high marks and Semifinal award winning performances have relied equally on the strength of their movement with that of their sound.

Finally, another crucial aspect of the performance grade comes in the form of a ranking box. If a judge decides that your group merits 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the overall competition, they circle one of these choices, which comes to correspond with an additive point value. If they decide you are 2nd, you receive an additional 20 points, and if they decide you are 3rd, you receive an additional 10 points.

Occasionally the event has caught the attention of national media. The greatest television exposure was three successive performances on The Today Show inculminating with a Monday morning performance by the champions, the University of Michigan Compulsive Lyres. The following year, competitors the Skidmore Dynamics were the subject of a New York Times article a few days before they took the stage at Lincoln Center.

Various ensembles compete for the ICCA national title in the comedy Pitch Perfectwhile a fictionalized World Championship competition is portrayed in the sequel. Pitch Perfect 2 was released on December 22, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The 2018 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Finals at The Beacon Theatre

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icca results

ICCA Partners. About Terms of use Privacy policy Copyright.By Brian Alexander. By Brian Alexander November 18, Each year, contemporary a cappella gets just a little better.

We see the emergence of new groups, new risks in the music performed and new developments that shape the overall culture. There's no better place to see up and coming talent and an elite level of musicianship, all wrapped around a competition series.

It's edgy, exciting, and gives the ultimate champion a thrilling tale to remember forever! The competitor lineup for the US officially dropped this weekend, drawing us closer to the start of competition season. While we have to wait a while longer for the announcement of groups selected as UK competitors, we can begin looking ahead to January and what the events might offer attendees. While much of the competition format remains similar to what took place last year, such as a 9 region format and 12 minute set, there is a rather grand shakeup to the Southwest region.

To accommodate an influx of competitors in this region, sets have been reduced to 11 minutes, two quarterfinals will take place on the same day, and the inclusion of both a San Diego and Nebraska Quarterfinal. Once again, this is sure to be another amazing competition season! A full list of US competitors can be seen below. Below is a list of all the accepted groups. Image credit: Varsity Vocals.This site, representing the ICGA community, aims to be a site of prime interest to computer-game enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of games.

We hope you appreciate it and invite you to contribute to this site through the feedback channels, and consider joining the ICGA if you are not a member. My sincere apologies for the challenges this will cause some of you. The move is in all our best interests. These are difficult days, and it is prudent to be cautious.

icca results

Or in the many under Conferences. More details will be available in a few days on the ICGA web site. Please consider entering a program, writing a paper, or being a spectator. Who can beat a smorgasbord of computer games activity, all part of a major artificial intelligence conference in a spectacular venue. The Computer Olympiad results page has been updated with the results of the last day in Macau.

If you find an error, please inform the webmaster. It already had won the World Chess Software Championship earlier this week. The WCCC has started. Skip to content. Events postponed Posted on March 16, by Jan Krabbenbos. Thank you for your understanding. I hope to see you in Spain at the end of August. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. I hope you can join us in Spain! Congratulations to all winners. Posted in Chess Leave a comment.

Posted in Events Leave a comment. The results will be updated as soon as possible. Posted in Computer Olympiad Leave a comment. Proudly powered by WordPress.I bring this up because when we consider a competition set for an a cappella group, the temptation may well be to say that a set is just a bunch of songs.

No, was the year of the set as an indivisible whole with bits of songs wedged and adhered together to create something unique, new, and wholly belonging to the college a cappella group at hand. The first competing group was The Towson Trills. I had a chance to interview Aaron Bayne from their group a week before competition, and it was remarkable to learn how quickly this crew ascended from coming together just a year and a half ago, to competing in ICCA for the first time, to storming their way all the way to Finals.

All of this as a seven-member group, all of this with a group made up almost entirely of college sophomores. On a less important note, I liked their choice of black, sparkling attire and accessories, which helped immediately establish their identity as professional performers. At the Disco. They did a nice job of both keeping the choreography under control and letting it build as the performance went on, including a nice bit in which one member did a full-body bob as the group grooved, and the bobbing spread member-by-member until the group was fully in sync.

Killer swirling bass sound as the first song wrapped up. Good charisma from the soloist, and the group wove in a fun rap interlude. My only knock on this closer was the visual presentation. I felt the group would have been better off sticking to a more straightforward presentation, holding their own as individual singers who looked like they were having more fun as they had earlier in the set. All in all, I felt the Towson Trills demonstrated the ways in which a more traditional ICCA set structure can still succeed and offer a fun, engaging experience for the audience.

By the luck of the draw, they were on first, but I suspect the set may have come across even better closer to the middle of the show, in contrast to sets that were arguably less accessible for a general audience.

At the top of the review, I noted the degree to which the Finals re-conceptualized the competition set, compelling the listener to think less about individual pieces and more about the sum of those parts.

With a set that artfully sampled from itself and felt tonally consistent in ways that were simultaneously brilliant and profoundly dark. Powerful stuff. Elite groups from the UK tend to have a different sound from their American counterparts, often leaning into old-fashioned humor in a way that top-tier groups from the US have steered further and further away from over the last decade.

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Moreover, their sound veers more toward an emphasis on traditional harmonies over bass and vocal percussion that increasingly get privileged in US-based groups. Aquapella embodied a lot of these aca-cultural differences, and I have to say that their style served them well in this show, as it helped them stand out from the pack.

icca results

All that, plus they offered one truly star-making solo. Aquapella opened on an instrumental groove that gave way to what I can best describe as a sexy medley. Fun bit as one group member gyrated his hips and the movement spread across the group.

Excellent emotional vulnerability on both soloists on this one. The solo on this one was just sensational, building nicely unaccompanied and then against the backdrop of a sparse arrangement, before positively exploding on the climax of the song. In reply, you might say, What? And lest anyone have doubts, I mean all of this in the best ways possible. The group went for some true explosions of sound. The group joined little by little in a choral presentation, which climaxed in some pretty spectacular swells of sound.

A cappella groups only have so many tools at their disposal. Downright insane solo work on this one from a guy who was solid throughout and demonstrated remarkable range when he went high. A lot of groups settle for splitting up parts more simply—for example, everyone on each vocal part doing the same thing—whereas an arrangement like this, in some ways, pulled from the techniques of much smaller groups to achieve a remarkable complexity of sound.

Killer finish to an exceptional set. The Water Boys were up next. On a night with more than its share of edgy performances, The Water Boys leaned into smooth identity that distinguished their set from others, and put an emphasis on clean, clear vocals, matched by put-together look, sporting matching blazers and collared shirts on stage. Just a beautiful opening. This song was particularly strong when the soloists converged on the finish.Fan of our events?

Thinking of competing? Keep up with all our winners here! Search going all the way back to Getting serious? This is THE a cappella trophy. Every champion group since has its name engraved on the Gooding Cups, a symbol of innovation and excellence in a cappella.

Learn more. We take pride in providing fair results and valuable feedback. Our programming reaches hundreds of thousands of music enthusiasts every year, through live events, social media, and more. Team up with Varsity Vocals to help promote the power of a cappella! The ICCA is an unbelievable motivator, and the competition pushed me and my group to previously impossible heights.

They also placed 2nd at the A Cappella Open Finals! It brought our group, the ScatterTones, closer together, it made us stronger singers, it provided undeniable work ethic, and it gave us the opportunity to travel together to compete as a unit.

I think the best thing that the ICCA can teach students is the idea of teamwork and camaraderie. See some of her music here! The Open. About Fan of our events? Results Keep up with all our winners here!

Pp. 41–83. geometry of harmonic maps and biharmonic

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